Sunday, June 22, 2014

TrainWithPeter / SmartAthlete / Bike Skills Project Sites Moving to new home !


Site has moved please check out

Just a notice that anyone with Email subscription or using the blogger addresses should be aware that I am moving my blogs and websites to one new home on Word Press.

Basically, after many years I have come to terms that my coaching/athlete/bike skills 'self' is one in the same. Combining into one site will help me motivate better content and ensure that folks can get the info they are looking for. TrainWithPeter will become the home for all my blogging (so more science/theory among the race info and life learning), Smart Athlete will serve as the coaching/plans/sessions signup and info and will continue to be a free resource of videos about getting better at cycling. I hope the change works for you and I greatly appreciate feedback and any help you can provide in making this grow. -


Sunday, June 1, 2014

My feet hurt. My voice is hoarse ( Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 7 2014 )

Well that is all there is and I am done. A couple days of getting behind nutrition / sleep and continuing to race brought on the sore throat and stuffy nose for Day 7 and I was fairly checked out. Not as checked out as my country-man and real hardman Kris Sneddon who ate/drank/ingested something he shouldn't have and spent the better part of day 6 and 7 in bed.

Short day with lots of rocks, and bumps and an extended double track beside a beautiful river. Not overly fun on the hardtail but took in the scenery then did some work on the couple gravel climbs to keep with the racers just behind me in the standings (Drew and Thomas).

Finishing up the week I had a smile on my face and some great experiences and learning in the bank.

Cool down with Jeremy Powers (who was up in my 'chase group' for a bit early in the stage) and Justin Lindine and then a great beef/shrimp dinner and some 'stage 8' fun in the evening .

If you are wondering if this event is for you. I recommend it without reservation. It is very hard but not ridiculous on any day. It is bumpy so bring your dually and best/toughest tires and be ready for some adventure. ( A full review will follow this post ) 


= CYCLING NEWS Stage 7: Bald Eagle Little PoeSaturday, May 31 2014

= Final video of Stage 7 presented by Dirt Rag Magazine andChristopher Bean Coffee Company. Check it out! ttp://

= Also see Stage 6 video , I throw down a Flick turn at 2:15
     *so happy to skid again*

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I have to walk right into the lion's den. ( Stage 6 Trans-Sylvania Epic 2014 )

  1. Stage 6: Rothrock Tussey MountainFriday, May 30 2014

Today was rocky . 2 Very long 'East Coast Rocks' segments (very bumpy sections with challenging rock gardens) . I have been enjoying the challenge but definitely a test in controlling emotions watching the race ride away despite climbing as well (or at least close!) . That is what is so great about MTB racing is that fitness is multifaceted and skill is important, especially here on the east coast.

Scenery was tremendous and the climbs tough today, several really steep pitches that also caught my low rpm 'love' a bit off. Kept it moving forward and got more time on two of the closer guys too me while a youngster (Cole Oberman) has been having a great week and passed me in the standings.


= Stage 6 video , I throw down a Flick turn at 2:15
     *so happy to skid again*\

CYCLING NEWS Stage 6: Rothrock Tussey MountainFriday, May 30 2014

Post by Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic.

On the line w. Sneddon, Bishop, Sontag, Paxon, Oberman, 

Dave Prior has been at 3 crazy events that I have been at this past year. 
He organized Single Speed CX worlds in Philly 
He was key on the beer commercial Molly and I were in , in California this Winter
And he is the one of the organizers here at Trans-Sylvania 
Awesome dude I am glad to have met. 

Waiting for the start, which was just across the Highway today so no driving ! 

Lone Chase 'group' again today. Bottles were not attracted to me today ... had 6 lost 6
 drank 1 and had no tolerance for the 2nd 'east coast rocks section' and defaulted
to my most reliable position ... moving forward on foot / grab the top tube.